MeWe360Client Assignments: MeWe360

Aquire new customersThe launch of MeWe360, an incubator for creative entrepreneurs

Client Challenge
With funding obtained from Ingenious Media and Arts Council England and a new central London office, Kevin Osborne, Managing Director and Founder of MeWe360 required temporary Marketing support to help launch the business. Of prime importance was agreeing the membership proposition and pricing structure.

Angus actioned qualitative research with over 20 creative entrepreneurs to determine their key motivations for membership and their price expectations. We also evaluated offerings from competing membership businesses before successfully proposing a tiered proposition and pricing structure to MeWe360’s board. Angus additionally supported the website re-design and launched MeWe360 on Twitter.

“Getting our proposition and pricing right was pivotal to making our service accessible to all who need it whilst maximising income. In our first year we exceeded our membership target by 10% and income target by 20%”.
Kevin Osborne, Managing Director, MeWe360

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