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Aquire new customersThe launch of Europe’s first 3DTV service, Sky3D

Client Challenge
Sky needed an experienced marketer to lead a cross functional marketing team to launch Europe’s first 3D TV service, Sky 3D. For a four month period Angus was engaged as an interim manager in Sky’s Product Marketing organisation.

The Marketing launch activities which included press and cinema advertising, pr and outdoor events were considered a success and achieved awareness and media objectives. Statement of intents from two leading TV manufacturers to sponsor Sky3D marketing activities were secured following an invitation to tender process. (At a later date LG was selected as Sky’s 3D partner). Angus also developed and obtained executive buy-in for Sky’s 3D marketing plan and budget 2010-11.

Retain at risk customersImproving the performance of a “at risk” retention call centre

Client Challenge
One of Sky’s outsourced “At-Risk” call centres was not performing at the level anticipated. Over a six week period Angus was asked to evaluate the root causes and recommend priorities for improvement.

Following implementation of the changes the operation increased its efficiency by 20%. NPS and subsequent customer call feedback was more positive.

Leading Customer ExperienceRetain at risk customersAquire new customersGrow sales of existing customersImproving the Welcome Customer Experience

Client Challenge
Our challenge was to develop a “welcome” experience that put new customers at the heart of the on-boarding process and establishes, educates, engages, supports and right-sizes customers sufficiently that they deliver greater value to the business.

As part of a small project team, Angus led various activities in what was one of Sky’s biggest sales and service transformation programmes of 2010-11. The team re-designed the new customer joining experience across Sky’s:-

  • sales channels (online, retail, call centres),
  • service touch-points (engineers, billing, service centres, online support)
  • customer communications.

A particular highlight led by Angus was training thousands of Sky sales people to better set billing and product activation expectations at point of sale.

Leading Customer ExperienceGrow sales of existing customersRetain at risk customersPutting Net Promoter Score (NPS) at the forefront of a customer management strategy

Client Challenge
Sky was putting NPS at the forefront of its customer management strategy. As part of the NPS roll out programme, Angus was asked to review the current NPS programme design, approach and objectives; determine the NPS business priorities for the next two quarters; agree the design of new NPS surveys and recommend a new NPS survey governance process.

Angus interviewed 30 NPS stakeholders across all functions of the company to understand how NPS scores were being captured and to determine future NPS business requirements. The findings and recommendations were presented to the Executive NPS Steering Board. The main recommendations comprised:-

  • introducing two new surveys to increase NPS score volumes,
  • implementing new NPS survey contact rules and question governance to preserve the customer experience,
  • integrating the NPS scores into Sky’s customer database to support contact strategy and exploitation plans,
  • improving the quality of analysis and insight.

“The work Angus did for Sky on NPS contributed directly to a 20% improvement in Sky’s NPS scores over the subsequent 12 months”
Daragh Kelly, Insight Innovation Director, SkyIQ

Grow sales of existing customersIncreasing product sales to Sky’s 10 million customers

Client Challenge
With over 10 million digital TV customers, a key strategic priority in Sky is increasing the number of additional products (Broadband, Telecom, SkySports, SkyMovies, Multiroom, SkyGoExtra etc) customers take. This has both an incremental revenue and churn reduction benefit. Angus was asked to review the current sales and marketing strategy, then win support for a new strategy, plan, team structure and budget.

Highlights included:-

  • a “Go-Digital” transformation programme to increase sales from new digital channels (social media, mobile marketing, apps and interactive TV)
  • increasing the sales opportunity by piloting opt-in campaigns to Sky’s customers who had opted-out of receiving marketing and sales communications
  • The launch of a “next best action” (NBA) sales transformation programme to improve the adoption of sales decisioning technology by Sky customer service agents
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